Urban Fox Control London

Contact Steve Barron (Director of Pest - Go Limited) for professional assistance with your Urban Fox issues in and around London, regardless of premises type.

As featured on CountryFile in 2010, Steve Barron has become one of the most recognised Urban Fox Management Specialist's in London.

Steve's Urban Fox Management skills have been developed over many years are now used by 'pest control' companies and some Local Authorities across London that don't offer such a unique service, so you know you're in safe hands.

Steve's knowledge of Urban Fox Management would not have been possible without experiencing many different situations concerning Urban Foxes.


We are aware of 'copy-cat' sole traders trying to trade under the name of 'PESTGO' in London.

Pest - Go Limited do NOT have any affiliation with any other company in the UK.

We are also aware of certain companies providing poor advice and questionable recommendations with a hefty price tag. Please beware.

Urban Fox Control London